Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery digitizing is a specialized service that is meant to offer fashion lines businesses, industries, and individuals a mean to get their desired artwork into a machine-readable format. The quality of embroidery digitizing service translates into beautiful, and stunning designs that you get to see all across the fashion industry. Now that’s the reason why you need a quality embroidery digitizing company, so you can be sure of optimal quality digitized file.

Custom embroidery digitizing is considered to be a step into the future with the help of advanced technology. We at DP & SPORTS have made it readily available for our beloved customers. This method is used by several fashion houses and industries to upgrade their clothing as digitizing can produce precise embroidery that rarely needs amendments or correction.

State Of The Art Embroidery Digitizing

To keep up with rapidly changing technology, we use the state of the art digitization software that enables our clients to receive best possible results. Whether you are looking for a punch on a sweater, uniforms, workwear, logos, or attire, we can get your image digitized. Attention to detail is the hallmark of our work. Combined with the efficient machine embroidery digitizing jobs, we produce the work that is totally worth your investment.

Flawless Artistry Coupled with Illimitable Adaptations

At DP & SPORTS, we have made use of the full potential of the technologically advanced embroidery software and integrated it with our custom embroidery digitizing service. Thereby, it gives you the full experience of this futuristic technology. Regardless of what designs you have in mind; you can forward us the details and we will strive to create an impeccable piece.

Furthermore, with our unlimited adaptations service, you have the choice to have your preferred design, grace the surface of any attire or apparel. The material of the cloth does not matter as the experts we employ at DP & SPORTS are well able to handle anything that comes their way.

What makes our company unparallel to any is the precision and attention to detail that we place above anything else. Coupled with our guaranteed premium quality of work, we can rightfully boast of having the best custom embroidery digitizing services available online

Embroidery Digitizing Service Categories


Our team of expert embroidery digitizers in the USA know the science behind digitizing, owing to which, they are able to produce flawless designs. This level of expertise allows us to take virtually any file format, and process your custom artwork and embroidery digitizing into a machine ready file. Typically, we provide DST format, but this could any other format as desired by our clients at the time ordering.


We are never intimidated by the complexity of design, but rather we take pride in ourselves in producing results whether you ask for tiny letters, puff designs, or 3D effects. We are always ready to be at your service.

Quality Embroidery Digitizing Services in USA

As an all-American brand originated in Kansas, we make sure that you get the quality of work that meets standards of the high-end American digitizing market.

Our growth and years of experience makes us one of the most reputable embroidery digitizing companies in USA. Our utmost commitment, and passion to serve the industry sets us apart from the crowd. This is why we are trusted by clients whether they are businesses, industries, and individuals, in the USA and abroad.

At DP & SPORTS, we take pride in saying that we provide quality punching services. We believe that quality should be the first and foremost aspect of any digitizing service and because of that we do not use auto-functions. All of these services are designed to be cost-effective and our team of expert digitizers that operates within USA ensures that they produce emb digitizing, which is worth every penny spent.

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