Raster to Vector Conversion

If you have an artwork that requires little adjustment, or an image that got pixelated, but would have otherwise looked stunning, do not worry as DP & SPORTS provide fast-track raster-to-vector image conversion services.

As vector art is based on mathematical equations o after transferring, image can be enhanced without degrading its quality. It can even made better than the formation image by using the specific shapes and mathematical equations.

Best quality services at highly affordable prices

At DP & SPORTS, we offer state-of-the-art vector services. There are many categories of vector redraw services. Major ones are JPG, PNG, PDF, TFF etc to vector conversion. Our team of creative and experienced experts convert image to vector illustrator with precision

At DP & SPORTS, we do creative and prolific work to make sure that our product is up to the mark and the best in quality. Our team of experts are experienced in manually designing using innovative vector services. This why DP & SPORTS is your go to shop for any raster to vector conversion you need.

Why you should prefer Vector art?

As we mentioned that vector art uses mathematical equations, the file size is generally not as large as a pixel based file. Also, the size of vector files can be easily transformed without losing quality. Again, this is due to paths, shapes and mathematics involved.

Vector images are based on resolutions, they can be adjusted to very high resolutions. For instance, if a printer requests a 900 dpi (dots per inch) image file, the vector file can be designed to fit 900 dpi, if a printer requires a 1800 dpi file, the same vector file can be designed to fit 1800 dpi, etc.

On the other hand, a raster image is limited by the pixels used included in the file, and therefore cannot surpass quality of a vector image.


Any image that has its contents visible can be vectorized. Although typical formats are JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, BMP, PNG, PDF, PPT, PUB, there are virtually all formats than can be vectorized. Furthermore, images can be converted to vector from a scanned sketch – you can simply send the file via e-mail for quick processing.


The output format of a vector file could be AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, etc. These types of output are best suited for commercial printers, signs & banners, engravings, vinyl cuttings, websites, etc. Vector artwork are widely used for printing purposes especially when using a logo, or image onto a product. Marketing companies, brands, schools, clubs & organizations can benefit from having vector format logos for advertising and promotions.

Raster to Vector Conversion Categories

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We at DP & SPORTS use updated software applications for raster to vector conversion and vector images redrawing services

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DP & SPORTS expert vector graphic artists convert your images to high quality vector art in various file formats including Adobe EPS, Al, PSD and CD files.

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