Embroidery Patches(DP&SPORTS-10129)


Custom Embroidery patches
Polyester, Nylon
We can make 3D embroidery patch
Sew on, Iron on, Velcro
Minimum Quantity
30 to 50
Lead time
10 to 15 days after sample approval
Clothes, Accessories, Bags, Jackets, Shoes, etc




Embroidered Patches

It goes without saying that custom embroidered patches, badges, or appliques are a true reflection of what you, your passion, or your business represent.

Hence why your custom patch should be done with absolute perfection. And we, at Patches Hub are experts in doing that.

Top Quality, Durability & Reliability

Our custom embroidery patches be easily washed and dry-cleaned without leaving open threads.

Our custom embroidery patches do not shrink-proof after wash and last long to an extent that the patch will likely outlast the cloth. Their edges are designed to provide protection from unraveling, fraying, or curling.

What Type Of Backings Are Available?

With Iron-on Backing

The patch sticks on a cloth by applying iron. Commonly used for plain surface clothes such as, work wear, school uniforms, etc.

With Sew-on Backing

Designed to sew a patch on clothes, through hand or sewing machine. Commonly used for rough surfaces such as towels, leather, etc.

With Velcro Backing

It consists of two parts – the loop is sewn on clothes, the hook is sewn to the patch, or vice versa. Easy-to-remove and commonly used by police, military, etc.


How To Order Patches ?





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