Leather Patches(DP&SPORTS-10110)


 Custom Leather Patches
 100% Leather High Quality
Sew on, etc
30 to 50
10 to 15 days after sample approval
Clothes, Accessories, Bags, Jackets, etc




Leather Patches Services

Custom leather patches are a great choice for individuals to fulfil their personalized needs and businesses for marketing and promotional purposes.

This is what leather patches are about – they add embellishment to the cloth and people who see it absolutely love it. You must have seen leather patches very every so often and that’s because leather patches are a classic variant of patches.

Classic Quality with Fashionable Look

While leather patch designs look awesome, they are undoubtedly a unique and fashionable way to brag about your apparel.

Among the best ways of decorating an apparel, leather patches are the best ones. Whether you use them as a sports emblem, a business logo, leather patches will serve the purpose astonishingly well. Leather patches are highly durable and hence admired by military personnel.

Types of Custom Leather Patches

One of the unique qualities about leather patches is the different ways you can personalize a leather patches. At Patches Hub, you always have freedom to give us the details of the type of work you require with your leather patch designs. Here are the two common ways leather patches can be designed:

What Type Of Backings Are Available?

With Iron-on Backing

The patch sticks on a cloth by applying iron. Commonly used for plain surface clothes such as, work wear, school uniforms, etc.

With Sew-on Backing

Designed to sew a patch on clothes, through hand or sewing machine. Commonly used for rough surfaces such as towels, leather, etc.

With Velcro Backing

It consists of two parts – the loop is sewn on clothes, the hook is sewn to the patch, or vice versa. Easy-to-remove and commonly used by police, military, etc.


How To Order Patches ?





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